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About Us is owned and operated by K-Factor Technologies, Inc.
Company web sites include:,,,,, PropellerHead,, and was started as an alternative to our professional logo design services. We offer several logo design packages ranging in price from $19 to $199 depending on your logo design and logo output needs. Our most popular packages are the Deluxe and Premier Logo packages which cover the needs of 80% of our clients. We also strive to capture the desires of our clients into teh logo designs we present and if a logo doesn't quite make the mark, we keep trying. We take pride in the fact that approx 55% of our 2000+ clients have never requested a revision and end up choosing one of the initial samples we post for their review.

About K-Factor Technologies, Inc.

Founded originally in 1992, we started out as a very small Graphics Design & Advertising Firm. Within three years we had acquired 3 small graphic design firms, added a dial-up ISP and 4 computer stores in two states to our company. In 1996, a full service web technologies firm was spun off to specialize in emerging internet opportunities and draw upon our various skill sets at the same time. In January of 1999, we incorporated as K-Factor Technologies, Inc. Our products and services include e-commerce solutions, free storefronts, web development, web site hosting, web page design, graphic design, network & server sales and installations, network consulting, emarketing management, and marketing consulting.

Our outstanding successes thru the years come from our commitment to superior service at a great price as well as from treating our employees and customers as our greatest assets. All our employees have vested ownership in our company which allows them to take pride in and stand behind our products and services. We believe in the "no non-sense" approach to business with our vendors and customers and that has earned us the same type of reputation.

Anybody can design a logo, design a web page or host a website, but nobody does it with as much pride as we do!

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